Protecting Your Privacy: How LocaCion Keeps You Safe

In an era of digital communication, privacy has become more important than ever. When it comes to location-based chat apps, ensuring the security of your personal information is a top priority. LocaCion, a leading location-based chat app, takes privacy seriously with a range of protective measures that safeguard your data.

Never Share Your Location or Email

LocaCion prioritizes your privacy by never sharing your location or email address with other users. Period. Your location remains private. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your whereabouts are kept confidential.

Remain Anonymous

LocaCion does not even require your name. Use a nickname, use whatever you like. Only a photo of you is required, but that is only because it wouldn't make sense otherwise. People would not know if they should strike a conversation with you even though you are right in front of them.

End-to-End Encryption for Secure Communication

Texts in LocaCion is protected with end-to-end encryption. This means that your text messages are securely encrypted and can only be accessed by the intended recipients. Even if intercepted, the contents of your conversations remain private and unreadable to anyone else, ensuring the confidentiality of your discussions. Our servers? All they see is @#$%^&*)(*&@$%. Your private keys remain with you and only the person you are chatting with can decode the texts.

Automatic Deletion of Location Data

LocaCion values data privacy and automatically deletes your location data every 20 minutes. This regular deletion ensures that your past locations are not stored indefinitely, minimizing the risk of your historical movements being accessed or misused. Your privacy is respected, and your location history is kept confidential.

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